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CPCA's stands against Anti-Asian Racism Statement/CPCA反对歧视亚裔行为的宣言

CPCA is deeply saddened by the recent increasing acts of violence against Asian-Americans and Asian Community, and other people of color across our nation. We strongly condemn all acts of violence or aggression, whether physical or virtual. Attacks based on race, ethnicity, nationality,and gender run counter to the spirit of inclusion and diversity of this great country that we call home.

We are, nevertheless, encouraged by the support of the many friends in the community who stand with our Asian-American communities, affirm our differences, and condemn the violence.

Right now, we advise our members to take extra precautions, and report any attacks or threats to the local authorities immediately.

Below are a few useful resources.

1. Asian American Resources

歸納含蓋大部份有關亞裔美國人的歷史, 書籍, 組織, 討論區和社交網站


2. Bystander Intervention Training to Stop Anti-Asian/American and Xenophobic Harassment



CPCA對於目前全國急劇增加的針對亞裔美國人和亞裔社區及其他有色人種的暴力性行為深感悲痛。我們強烈譴責所有形式的肢體或精神上的暴力和攻擊性行為。任何針對種族、國籍、性別的攻擊都與美國這樣一個被我們喚作家園的偉大的國 家所代表的包容和多樣性精神所背道而馳。



請參考以上的網站, 了解更多有關亞裔美國人和如何制止反亞裔戓仇外欺凌行為的講座。

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2021 CPCA贺春短片

CPCA wishes everyone a very happy and healthy lunar New Year!
Please join us to celebrate the Year of the Ox by watching our short video specially made for you.


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